Some people want it to happen,

some wish it would happen, others make it happen. –MJ

Music Doesn't Lie

If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music - Jimmy Hendrix

There are more love songs than anything else.

"If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another." -Frank Zappa


We know the best way to arrive to the next level

Who is 3BM?

3Brains Media was founded in 2008. We offer a wide array of creative brand marketing in various avenues of the music industry.  3Brains Media has worked with a plethora of artists under major labels like Sony, Universal, Interscope, and Capitol Records. We now provide these same marketing & branding services to select talented up and coming artists as well.

Our Mission: To provide the best services that build, brand, and makes the world believe is our goal. We get you to the next level, while working with some of the most well known professionals in the music industry. We love building & branding stars. 

Case Studies

3Brains Media is a multi-facet marketing and advertising firm. We operate within the music industry. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: branding, research analysis, media development, media placement on digital sites, print & magazine placement, radio and/or DJ Spin Campaigns, (this includes airplay), award winning production services, search engine optimization, webpage creation & design, and viral marketing.

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major label luxury services for premier clients

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Indie services for the Professional Independants


Production Services:

Work with relavant producers who can actually move your project! 3Brains Media consists of high-powered Grammy award winning producers and writers in diverse genres to work with*. Our producers combined credits involve artists like Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Paul McCartney, Maroon 5, Brittany Spears, Ashley Simpson, Rick Ross, Kesha, Tupac, Ciara, Usher, Mindless Behaivor, and many more. 3Brains Media is a well-trusted and known brand. The quality of artists we associate our producers with are of great talent.

*3Brains Media discretion


Our Publications:

Get recognized! Do you have what it takes to be featured in large publications? 3Brains Media’s publications division offers a wide array of well-known digital networks and top magazines to showcase artists. Digital and physical publications are key in establishing a well-known platform for artists that are on the rise with a viable project to promote. We have built solid long-term relationships with the following publications to ensure our clients receive the best placement in issues. Remember most people believe what they read in print. Being associated with elite brands is a key aspect of establishing YOUR brand.

Label & Independent Distribution:

So you have a project, but no major outlet for the world to hear? 3Brains Media offers several distribution opportunities; the largest being under Universal Music Group Distribution. We also have the power to distribute films.* We can also set up accounts for smaller online distribution companies like TuneCore. Our specialists will help you determine which distribution option is best for you. We strongly suggest that all artists have some form of distribution behind them. If you have a great project but have no outlets for the masses to hear it, then its as good as dead.

DJ Promotions & Radio Campaigning:

3Brains Media’s has an invaluable opportunity for artists who have good music and need their music in the hands of DJ’s. We have the relationships to get your music in the hands of very well known and high powered DJ’s throughout the nation, but we actually get them to play it at big time venues/clubs throughout the following markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, New York, Denver, Atlanta, Miami & Las Vegas. There isn’t a marketing company on the globe that can do that!

How you ask:  We have partnered with one of the largest club promotions company in the US. We also have built good relationships in the radio and DJ world from past projects. Our markets are endless; there isn’t a DJ we can't access! 

*Artist may need distribution in order to utilize these services depending on the market

Radio campaigning is a big investment for artists who are independent. An artist must be under a major distributor in order to get into major markets that can propel a single or album. Radio campaigning is an essential part of an artists' career. 3Brains Media offers various levels of campaigning for artists. We can promote your project in P1 and P2 markets, very similar to label radio campaigns, however we are much more strategic & hands on than the label because we are smaller. This gives the artists much more creative & monetary control. Our relationships with DJ’s will make your radio campaign more effective; we ensure you receive the proper marketing to increase your radio spins.


3Brains Media has built relationships with networks like VH1, BET, & Music Choice. We can ensure your music videos gets placed with these networks to showcase to the world*.

*3Brains Media discretion, music
must be cleared. by network



A strong brand is invaluable as the market grows more competitive daily. Effective branding is an ongoing process that enables your artistry to grow monetarily, break into bigger markets, and establish key partnerships, while launching into new lanes outside of music. Strong brands make fans react quickly, predictably and emotionally.

Fans, investors, and vendors acquire a connection to your brand, forming loyalty. 3Brains Media will develop a consensus for you as an artist, who you are, and aspire to be. Our objective is to understand your audience and their needs so that you may provide them with the type of music that resonates with them. We analyze and research fan/audience behavior and engage in crafty branding that will earn their emotions, beliefs and provoke action.

The next step is for our eclectic team of experts to present a well-designed visual to experiment with your target audience. Our team, with your approval, will take your campaign and new brand identity and showcase to the masses. Creating your own lane, by strongly establishing your brand is one of the most important things you will do as an artist. Artists lacking a recognizable brand, rarely last long in the industy.


Website Creation & Management
A strategic approach should be taken when designing your webpage. If the design is not user friendly, the chances that the website will be either productive or profitable are greatly diminished. Our experienced team of designers can create a functional website that is not only stunning in feature, but functional to drive results.

We believe that professional web designs reflect the proper balance of form, function, and creativity. These elements are key in increasing and maintaining site traffic. The form, function, and creativity needs to work within needs of your audience. 3Brains Media combines these components along with great graphics and color! Your finished site will play an intricate role in how your fans percieve you.

Social Media Management (only attached within a package)

Social media is replacing mainstream media at a rapid rate. This phenomenon has created an opportunity for brands to maximize their PR investment. Artists that successfully leverage their story in organic content creation on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube have a faster growth rate.

Using social media sites for personal use is pretty simple but for optimal use, can be tricky. When it comes to maximizing these sites for marketing, it can be very time consuming, but it is very important as a strong social media platform keeps you connected to your audience.

With substantial strategic planning 3Brains Media can provide a customized analysis of your brand in the market, while unveiling an incredible social media campaign that will take your artistry to the next level. We deliver realistic successful results at a competitive price.

Developing a result driven social media & marketing campaign will resonate and promote fan search behavior. Our marketing will drive viewers directly to your music.

  • Wonder
    The laid back and easy going guy. He is an extreme sports junky( heat fan, always yelling 3PEAT). The biggest music/news commentator around town, he is our public relations manager. Jibri is always making everyone laugh. Don't bother getting into a debate about music facts... he will win!
    Music and Design keep him busy. A simple, creative easy going hip hop head, Willy is our Visual Media Specialist. He stays positive and just lets life happen naturally. A fan of all things different and creative, Willy always brings amazing visual creativity to projects.

  • Our strength

    3Brains Media is a relationship built company from the bottom up. We take pride in actively interacting with executives from every company our clients do business with. We have some of the most powerful relationships within the music and pride ourselves in working with the best people in the industry to aid in creating an invaluable and highly marketable project. Three Brains Media core objectives are: Brand identity, target the market, and connect. We analyze the best options for your brand as an artist.We then target those outlets, and connect you with your market. While intensely research driven, creativity is one of our most boasted qualities.

Our Skill

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Print & Online Advertising
  • Clubs/Shows/Festival Production
  • Branding & Identity

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